The Upstairs Downstairs Hive

Giving bees a hive entrance they understand and can easily defend!

“Haven’t had a single wasp robber since using these, and robber bees much deterred. I put an intrance on every box which makes them very versatile whether using them as honey supers, brood boxes or making splits, and also for keeping a top entrance for winter ventilation when I wrap the hives.”

Kathy Wilkinson

“Top quality product. Bees love it. A lecture introduced me to these and I’ve now installed them on all my hives. Simple to install. Bees seem a lot more relaxed. Great product and communication from Bee.Watch would highly recommend.

Alex Batty

“Brilliant product. We have this installed in 15 hives in our office apiary and have seen significant improvements regarding pests since installation e.g. less varroa, no rodent attacks, no wasp attacks.”

Louis Bennett


The biggest change in beekeeping for 150 years. Patented February 2021

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